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Happy Birthday, Andreea!

Dear Residents,

The Emerald City One Team would like to wish Andreea Birloncea a “Happy 30th Birthday”, and welcome her to the “30’s Club”!

If there is a chance that you do not know who Andreea is, she is the current Board President at Emerald City One - TSCC 2368. She has been on the Board since the end of 2014, and she is not only one of Directors on our Board and one of 8 Delegates on the Three-Way Shared Committee, but also the Chair of the Emerald City One Social Committee.

Many staff members wonder how she manages to do all the things she does for the building, considering her full time job, and yet she still has a personal life. When does she sleep... if she even does?

If you see Andreea around the Common Elements, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Andreea has been the force behind many events and projects in our building, such as:

  1. the renovation in the Management office, Gymboree, and Party Room,

  2. the annual seasonal decoration throughout the building,

  3. she was the person that discovered that Owners double paid on their municipal taxes during their interim occupancy and was the main advocate during the discussions with Elad Canada,

  4. She is the person that plans all the Social Committee events no matter if it is for children, a paint & wine night for adults, fitness class; she is the one and only that plans and prepares every single thing.

  5. She is always willing to answer Residents/Owners questions, even through it takes up a lot of her personal time.

  6. She is personally involved in all the legal items that have been resolved and are ongoing for the Corporation

  7. She homes most of the abandoned animals that were found on or around our site.

So, Andreea, from the “70 Gang” we wish you a very Happy Birthday, and we hope that you know that we appreciate all the things you do for us, Residents, and the Corporation.

Warm Wishes,

Caroline Coitino

Property Manager at Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

City Sites Property Management

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