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Earth Day: Many Thanks and Much Appreciation to the Residents of "E.C. ONE"!

Dear Neighbours,

yesterday, the Emerald City Social Committee hosted its first joint "Earth Day: Site Clean Up Event" for the Emerald City Tri-Plex (70/66/62 Forest Manor Road).

The event, to our complete and utter amazement, was an astounding success, and we couldn't thank the Residents and Staff of #70 - "Emerald City One" more! Despite it being advertised as a Tri-Plex event and all Residents being invited, only the Residents and Staff of Emerald City One showed up to participate.

We had approximately 20 Residents who volunteered, along with 7 Staff Members... and even a dog! Who could ask for a better "ONE" team?

We truly couldn't be prouder of how our people came together to clean up our entire community, with smiles on their face and enthusiasm galore! You all really showed what makes us "Emerald City One": we come together as One, and get it done!

Our Residents and Staff went out there and tackled all of the areas of the Tri-Plex: the areas around each individual tower (70, 66, 62 and its townhouses), the Three-Way Shared areas, as well as the perimeter of the entire property (along Sheppard Ave., George Henry, and Forest Manor Road). Some of the worst culprits were cigarette butts and dog poop, among other usual trash (cups, bags, etc.), as well as some interesting items (propane tanks and blankets? What?!).

Thank you to our "ONE" team of Residents and Staff, who are all pictured below working hard and happily!

Here are some "Before and After" pictures of the site:

And some pictures of the final result:

Lastly, some pictures of the fun after-party, where all who participated enjoyed a meal, a loot bag, and great conversation with their fellow neighbours!


All the best,

Andreea Birloncea

Chair of the Social Committee and

President of the Board of Directors

of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

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