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What's That Noise?

Dear Residents,

The Emerald City One community is always improving, and with each hammering noise, there's always a reason. Management, however, can only account for approved renovation noise, and any other noises that relates to enhancing the quality of life for every Owner and Resident by repairing/maintaining/improving the common elements and mechanical areas.

But... what about the unaccounted-for noise?

That random ongoing barking, music blasting and/or partying, or that stomping noise from above, or even worse, that flushing noise in the middle of the night! Some Residents, like most, aim to be a good neighbor and even choose to ignore it. But for how long?

Why not report it?

Management advises that excessive noise be reported immediately to the 24/7 Concierge, so the source can be investigated. The Concierge is located on the ground ("G") floor. Reports such as these help us understand the problem so we can look into fixing it when possible, communicating with the Resident who is responsible to prevent it, and even helps us find suites which are carrying out unauthorized alterations or renovations - which can be a big risk if changing any structural, electrical, or plumbing!

Let us help you by taking on the burden of finding the source. Management assures you that every report is important, and always confidential. Please don't consider reporting noise disturbances as being a nuisance, as it helps everyone in the end.

Sincere regards,

Edward Chin.

Administrator for Emerald City One - TSCC 2368,

City Sites Property Management.

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