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Stoop & Scoop: No Excuses!

Dear Residents,

Emerald City One is home to many of our furry friends- from cats to dogs, birds, and even fish. Our community is so pet-friendly, that there's even a pet room for our Residents to groom their pets! The Emerald City community is equipped with doggy bag stations posted at frequent paths for all our triplex buildings.

I would go as far as to say this could be called a pet paradise!

But there's one problem, what happens when the pet's human companion refuses or forgets to pick up after their pet, or worst of all... allows their pet to use the hallways or parking area as a bathroom? I fear our beloved community's image would be tarnished, and what was once considered a pet paradise will be no more.

Please stoop and scoop, for everyone sake - including yours and that of your pets.

Sincere regards,

Edward Chin.

Administrator for Emerald City One - TSCC 2368,

City Sites Property Management.

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