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250th Blog Post!!! [+PRIZE!!!]

Dear Neighbours,

can you believe that we've reached out 250th blog post?

Andreea Birloncea, our Board President, created this website and started the blog on January 5, 2016, which means (on average), we publish more than one blog per week!

The Blog is an excellent spot for information (and share your opinions) on matters such as:

  • building policies and rules,

  • safety measures,

  • thermostat and heating/ac turnovers,

  • ongoing projects,

  • social events and meetings,

  • surveys,

  • amenity use and procedures,

  • and more!

Even though there are many, many posts already online, we know that there is still lots we can talk about!

If you have an ideas that you'd like to see us (Board, Management, Supers, Contractors, and others!) blog about, please fill out the below linked form with your suggestions! We will pick three suggestions to blog about first, and those three residents will each win a prize ($50 gift card).


All the best,

The Board of Directors

of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

While you're here... have you taken our surveys? Help us see which direction our community should head in!

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