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A Memory In Time: Photography Offer by Local Resident

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hello There,

How are you? I am a professional photographer. Please see the samples from this link below of what people in NY State do and I think it is very meaningful after years when we look back those shots. 

Most of us might stay AT home for a long enough time, and it would be a great idea to have some nice photo of documentation of our lifestyle during the quarantine period. 

I can take the shots at the front door not stepping in to the unit to shoot the individual or family. Option Two, I take shots at the hallway. The fee is $30 for 3 shots, I cover the other half of the cost. The shooting time should be within 7 to 10 minutes the most. Option Three, take shots in our building where you often access to. It is your memory not mine so you pick the spot WITHIN the building. 

You will get three beautiful shots in three different sizes 13x20, 5x7 both in high resolution and email&web (5x7 in low resolution). The turn around time is within 24 hours. Once you get our photos please do what so ever you like with the shots after. No worry about the copyright issue. I may pick some of the nice shots for my own portfolio after, hope you don’t mind. 

As a neighbor I am offering my time to documenting yours during COVID-19 outbreak. 

We stay united together, The Emerald City Phase One is the strongest in the whole new Emerald City Group.  If we are lucky enough our story might be featured in the Toronto Life magazine, you never know. 

Cheers, Henry Lin

Yorkville Photographer

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