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A Note From the Board + Call for Committees

Dear Owners,

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who participated in the Requisition meeting held last Friday afternoon. We saw more passion for Emerald City One than we ever have before.

With this in mind, we would like to reach out to everyone in the building, especially the Requistionists, who volunteered so much time towards this meeting. We know that there are many people with many talents living in our community and we would like your help to make this the best place to live. If you have ideas on improving our little community please email the Board or Management.

As well, the Board will be looking for volunteers to help on several committees, including Social (once COVID-19 calms down), Communications, and Maintenance. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out!

The Communication Committee is looking for anyone with ideas, and/or who is social media savvy to help us create new ways of getting our message out. We would also like there to be more ways for residents to give feedback to the Board and Management.

We acknowledge that there are things that need to be done differently in this building. Communication between the Board, Management and Owners, and vice versa, have not been perfect. We firmly believe that had the Board communicated differently or had the Requisitionists asked for clarification then we could have avoided this very stressful, time-consuming, and expensive meeting. Almost all claims made had simple answers that the Board and Management would have gladly explained had the questions been asked.

During the meeting, we tried to answer as many questions as possible. We hope that many of them were answered. If you still have any questions, please email the Board or Management and we will answer as soon as possible. Please remember that there are many other owners and residents in the building and it may take us a little while to get to everyone.

We look forward to working with everyone who wishes to make a positive impact on the building and through this, mitigate wasted energy spent on unproductive conflict.

Thanks to all of you!


The Board of Directors

of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

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