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Access Control and Piggy-Backing: Let's all do our part!

Dear Residents,

The Board of Directors, Property Management, and all Emerald CityOne staff have been working tirelessly to ensure the greatest success for Emerald City One, by conducting regular security audits, having a patrol guard, and constantly listening to every residents' valuable feedback.

One of the major pieces of the puzzle to ensure this success (or failure) is mindfulness of Building Accessibility. To address this item, everyone needs to ask themselves this question: “how am I contributing or compromising the building’s security?”.

Emerald City One is the first condominiums to be built in the community (and Ontario!) by the Developer “Elad Canada”. It is the closest Condominium to Don Mills subway station, Fairview Mall, and has many highway access points. The community is constantly expanding with new neighbors, visitors, and pets. In light of all this growth, comes a great responsibility to ensure that the Condominium functions as a community, in which each individual member does their part to boost safety and security in order to comfortably call this building their home.

The building is equipped with 24/7 security staff that are on-site to act a deterrent to anyone looking to cause mischief in the building or around the grounds. It is security’s job to ensure that all those who are in the building are approved to do so.

We ask that all residents have their buzzer code set up and all residents grant entry to their own guests. By doing this, security knows that the guest is welcome to be here as the resident has granted entry. This will eliminate the need for security to question the guest as to the reason they are here. Security remains professional in circumstances regarding access control; however, should a visitor become rude/aggressive/belligerent, security does have the authority to deny building access if they feel that their safety, the safety of other residents, or the corporation is being threatened and/or compromised. All food deliveries should also be granted entry by the resident, or the resident may accept the food delivery in the main lobby. If this protocol is not followed by the residents of the Corporation, it creates unnecessary delays, and misallocation of security’s resources.

All residents of the Corporation must use their access devices to gain entry, regardless if the door was opened by another Resident. This offers a peace of mind to the person in front that you are not piggybacking off their access.

Now what is piggybacking? And, why isn’t it ok? One of the main reasons is that piggybacking is considered trespassing as we have no way of knowing if the person entering has the right to be on the premises. To further address this, we would need to understand what piggybacking is, and why it's bad for every community.

In security, piggybacking, similar to tailgating, refers to when a person tags along with another person who is authorized to gain entry into a restricted area, or pass a certain checkpoint. It can be either electronic or physical. The act may be legal or illegal, authorized or unauthorized, depending on the circumstances. However, the term more often has the connotation of being an illegal or unauthorized act.

To describe the act of an unauthorized person who follows someone to a restricted area without the consent of the authorized person, the term tailgating is also used. "Tailgating" implies no consent (similar to a car tailgating another vehicle on a road), while "piggybacking" usually implies consent of the authorized person.

Piggybacking came to the public's attention particularly in 1999, when a series of weaknesses were exposed in airport security. A study showed that the majority of undercover agents attempting to pass through checkpoints, bring banned items on planes, or board planes without tickets, were successful. Piggybacking was revealed as one of the methods that was used in order to enter off-limits areas.

Piggybackers have various methods of breaching security. These may include:

Surreptitiously following an individual authorized to enter a location, giving the appearance of being legitimately escorted

Joining a large crowd authorized to enter, and pretending to be a member of the crowd that is largely unchecked

Finding an authorized person who either disregards the law or the rules of the facility, or is tricked into believing the piggybacker is authorized, and agreeably allows the piggybacker to tag along

It is very important that all suspected incidents of piggybacking are reported to the security staff. This will prompt the security to address this matter immediately. This simple action can be a preventative to stop the majority of mischievous activity before they occur. If the person is a legitimate Resident, then Management is able to follow up with that person to reiterate the rules and policies of the building, and be able to stress the consequences.

For immediate assistance Management recommends that the security staff be contacted by phone at 416-492-9559 or that you stop by the security desk on the ground floor level as soon as possible.If you are not able to do either, please email Security at and inform them of as many details as possible.

Let's make EMERALD CITY ONE safe together!

Edward Chin

Assistant Property Manager at Emerald City One

City Sites Property Management Inc.

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