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Community Feedback: Surveys

Dear Neighbours,

We are once again asking Emerald City One Owners to provide feedback to several surveys - your opinion is important and greatly helps us understand what the community wants! This means we need as many responses as possible so we can ensure that decisions reflect the needs of the community.

Currently, there are 4 open surveys, which are available below.

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea,

Emerald City One Communications Committee.


Additional Security Measures at Emerald City One Survey: This is a new and very important survey that reflects information included in the Security Audit. This survey will be available until June 27, 2021, and is available by clicking here.

This survey identifies key points that we'd like Owner feedback on, such as:

  • proposed additional security items, expected costs, as well as the anticipated increase(s) to maintenance fees should the measure be adapted.


There are three pre-existing surveys that we'd also encourage all Owners to take:

These surveys opened a while ago, unfortunately, response rate has been very low. We are extending the deadline for these surveys to June 27, 2021.

Marijuana Dispensary in Our Retail Unit: Do you believe that the addition of a Marijuana Dispensary to Emerald City One's retail unit is appropriate for your community? This survey asks for your opinions on whether:

  • a marijuana dispensary will add to our community.

  • is appropriate for our community.

  • residents would support the addition of a dispensary.

The Resident Safety Feedback survey deals with issues such as:

  • Do you feel safe at Emerald City One?

  • Do you believe additional security measures are need, and if so, what should the budget be?

  • Do you think food deliveries should be restricted from going to the resident's door?

  • Do you think visitors should sign in at the security desk?

The Elevator Bookings Feedback survey deals whether elevator bookings should require a guard, and/or if the cost of the guard should be paid for by the resident using the elevator or by all Owners via maintenance fees.

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