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COVID-19: Help Us Help You!

Dear Neighbours,

This is a time where not only one person can make a difference, but all of us must. We require your assistance in helping us work together to overcome this great challenge that our collective community faces, so that we may all prioritize our health and safety.

We are especially worried about our vulnerable population in the building. We are lucky enough to have a very mixed demographic, with many families who have young children and elderly residents who have chosen our community for their retirement. Be mindful that it is all of our responsibility to protect each other during this time.

Please note the following ways that you can “help us help you”:

- Limit your interaction with the Security and Property Management staff.

- Limit the amount of packages you order to only immediate essentials.

- Reduce the number of visitors you allow into the building, as well as any on-site social gatherings.

- Do not loiter in the common elements; use the common elements for ingress and egress purposes only.

- Anyone who has recently traveled outside of Canada must self-quarantine for 14 days.

- Be mindful of the surfaces you touch; avoid touching anything when possible, and use sanitary methods whenever possible (ex: press buttons with covered hand or knuckle).

- We have placed a Sanitizing Device in the main lobby, by the elevators. Please be sure to use it as you enter and exit the elevators.

- Please ensure that you follow proper waste disposal procedures. Do not place over-sized items down the chute, as this wastes the Superintendents’ time to unclog the chute rather than tend to more important cleaning and matters that are helpful and more important during this time.

What we’re doing during this time:

- Closing down unnecessary amenities in order to prioritize our supplies and cleaners’ time to the main common element areas.

- The Cleaning Staff will be prioritizing their time to the sanitation of the common elements, and will focus on high-risk areas such as the elevator buttons, railings, doorways, etc.

- All staff will be wearing gloves, which they will change regularly.

- We have placed a Sanitizing Device in the main lobby, by the elevators, for your use.

- The Superintendents will be cleaning the waste room more often, as well as other behind-the-scene facilities.

- Monitoring the situation as it progresses, and ensuring that we adapt accordingly and pass on any further relevant information to all Residents.

Stay safe and healthy,

Andreea Birloncea, President

on behalf of the Board of Directors of

Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

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