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Management's Fall Update: Maintenance & Updates

Dear Residents,

Please see below for important information about upcoming maintenance and other updates for your building. A printable flyer is also available for download at the bottom of this blog post.

Best regards,

Laura Wiley, Property Manager

Emerald City One - TSCC 2368


Carpet Replacement- We are pleased to announce that the contractor has advised a tentative date for the hallway carpet replacement from the 6-36 floors. They anticipate to be able to start the replacement during the week of October 26, 2020.

Window Washing- Further to previous correspondents please note that the window washing has been deferred this budget year but a thorough clean will be undertaken in the spring.

Hallway Holes- The repairs to the hallways on the 6/16/26 and 36th floors are currently underway. We anticipate this project to be completed mid to late October.

Elevator Issues- We are looking at undertaking an elevator audit which will provide an in-depth analysis on all of the mechanics and of the elevators. The Board and Management are keen on finding out why these issues persist and find a solution. Please watch for future updates on this issue as they become available.


Heating Changeover- With the cold weather creeping upon us please note that the buildings heating system will be turned over on October 8, 2020. If you find that your unit is a little on the chilly side you can turn your unit over to heat, while this will not heat the unit like the main system it will add radiant heat to the air and take the chill off!


Just a reminder that the Emerald City One blog has a lot of great informative content. There are also a handful of new surveys that have been published to gauge owner interest in several areas/topics. Please pop over and take a look!


The Board has put out a blog calling for volunteers for the following committees: Social, Communications, Maintenance, and Gardening/Landscaping. If you wish to volunteer kindly check out the blog located on the Emerald City One website and submit your interest.


Reminder- there is no storage of any items in your parking space! This includes tires, totes, bags, buggies or any type of items! We will be doing an inspection of the underground garage during the week of October 5, 2020, if you have any stored items they must be removed immediately.


Please note the contact information for your Property Management, Board of Directors and Concierge.

Property Management Office:

Phone: 416- 773-1081

Administration: Selina Gopaul -

Property Manager:Laura Wiley-

Concierge: Phone: 416-492-9559

Board of Directors:


Fall 2020 Maintenance
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