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Share Your Story #10: "Week by Week"

Hello Neighbours,

Hope all are good with you guys.  In the last 70+ days we spent 99% of the time HOME. Sleep, eat, study and read were same as everyone, I think. In my case I am kind of picky in our space conditions so I start with calibrate all the doors and cabinets doors within 0.1 degree off allowance and then the kitchen pipe blocked...

The first week we had the pipe blocked in our kitchen took me almost 3 hours to because need to find right tools. It was not difficult but need a bit of time to do it, luckily it was all what I had that time. Week two checking all the pipes and under the sinks and found a water stain under, after using Starbuck paper wipe the whole pipe and seal ring ha! got it, I went to Home Depot to get replacement ring and change it, test it, done fix, that was easy. You might check yours because the original seal ring is super weak. Week three was very easy and smooth sleep whenever feel like to till … and then I-Pad time or home detailing with DW-40 and a deep clear up the cooking fan that was fun to see how much the grease oil inside of the fan and the filters.  Week four deep clean up the floor, all the dropped paints from builder with using many kinds of brash and Stanley Utility Knife. The water stain on the tiles wall, bathtub, the island and the stove wall scrub them all that was really fun. The best part is after all the maintenance I feel much safer and feel like living in a brand new home all the time.  Week five, social medias posting, photo shoot, lots to photograph, orchid flowers, our view in day and night, with 360VR and some table top, and myself.  Week six, practice egg cooking for my two ladies, listen music, working on new business plan. Week seven, clean up all the exterior glasses, it was the real pain in the neck and hands. After days of clean up with all kind of solutions I can’t see the glasses anymore the view was so amazing in day and night. Week eight, building 3D model for new business and enhance business plan.  Week nine, more clean up to do for sure but I need time to find out where is…

Written by: "44"

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