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Share Your Story #2: "Not Our COVID-19"

Emerald City One has shown that even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will always find a way to be the best. This community has volunteered, respected, and treated each other, including staff with understanding, and cooperation, to ensure the greatest outcome.

Management has been working on-site tirelessly, with the maintenance and security personnel to ensure that the security and building day to day operations still remains intact, as we are listed as an essential service.  As one of the building’s front-line protection, Management is extremely grateful that Residents and Owners are respecting the “no walk-ins” policy to the Management Office. This added level of precaution not only helps flattens to curve, but also helps protects staff and reduce the risk of contracting the virus, and spreading it to our families, and love ones when we return home. I am pleased to announced that Management was, and is, able to address all inquiries received by phone and by email. 

We understand that some Residents feel some of their inquiries are best answered in person, and Management would love to address every complaint at moments notice... but, please keep in mind that we would all be unnecessarily put at risk. This is why we are urging all Resident to please follow the precautionary items listed in the package that was send out via email and delivered door to door on March 14, 2020. 

If you did not receive a copy of the COVID-19 PACKAGE,

please emails us and we will forward it to you!

Management understands that everyone is doing their best to isolate themselves for the foreseeable future. We also understand that staying at home is not the most ideal way to pass the time. The simple task of walking the dog or taking out the garbage, for some, can be considered a mini vacation. But please keep in mind that rules and policies are still in effect.

We would like to take this moment to speak about the improper disposal of cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, this issue has increased in its daily occurrence. Maintenance staff are now forced to disposed of cardboard boxes that are left in the refuse room. As per updates provided by Health Canada, the virus lives on cardboard boxes for 12 hours, which is why we are hoping that all Residents keep that in mind, that when they’re disposing of household waste improperly, they’re potentially putting our maintenance staff at risks, when they ignore the rules.

Please note that being the building front line protection does affect us professionally and personally. While we are attending to day to day operations, we are always at risk. We also experience the shortage of supplies in stores, courtesy of people buying enough toilet paper to last the year. We are not so different, you and I, in these pandemic times. 

Let us continue to stride forward and make 70 Forest Manor Rd excellent community the talk of envy. 

Be safe.


Edward Chin

Condominium Assistant Property Manager 

City Sites Property Management Inc. 

Agents for and On Behalf of TSCC 2368 Emerald City One

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