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Share Your Story #6: "Short and Sweet... Literally"

Thank you to our first participant, who shares a short but very sweet story! -Andreea

"I was having a particularly bad day, grumpy frustrated and a bit scared. I felt pretty alone and one of my friends shared that he was just laid off. I am thankful for my job, but I worry a lot about what may come. This day I really felt like I was all alone and for the 1st time I couldn't even leave the house to run or go for a coffee at Starbucks just to clear my head. I was feeling the stress and I really felt alone.

Around 4 my neighbour texted me to see how I was... and said she made cinnamon rolls and made too many and would I mind some? She brought them over and left them in a bag hanging on my door so we didn't see each other.

At that moment I knew I would be okay. That we are all in this together. It instantly shifted by mindset and shook all the bad feelings away.

I am thankful for all the loving people that live in this building. Xo"


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