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Share Your Story #7: "Beat This Virus... and Again Enjoy Life"

Dear Manager,

First of all, thank you so much for your great job and immediate action during this tough days. I would like to share with you what I have done until now.

It began before everything get serious. when we had less than 50 cases in Canada. I emailed CBSA and PHAC and asked them please add more measures for new arrivals from Iran, China, South Korea, Italy and etc but unfortunately they didn't listen and new arrivals came to Canada without any enforcement to be self-isolated and checking in the airport.

After that I and a few of my friends decided to create a telegram group to support anyone who is in self-isolation or any elder or sick people who doesn't have anyone to help them. Also members will update each other with the new information and also encourage each other for staying home.

Individually, we have stayed at home for more than 4 weeks and only left home for buying or work. Also, to make sure everything is disinfected, after we return home, we disinfect any purchase first (including washing our hands and taking off our clothes in front of the entry door, cellphone, bags, wallet, cards, etc) and then we put them in the refrigerator and cabinet. 

Also, We tried to not stock anything. usually people ask anybody follow the rules but it has to be started from ourselves specifically in tough situations. So we decided to purchase normally with a little bit extra that we don't need to come out frequently. 

I'm sure if each of us, take this responsibility, we can beat this virus and again gather and enjoy of life with the minimum loss. I hope each person take it serious.

Again Thank you for everything.

Best Regards,


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