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Share Your Story (+PRIZE) & Volunteering for Vulnerable Neighbours

Dear Neighbours,

As I’ve stated before, I am extraordinarily proud of our Residents, as well as our on-site staff and contractors, who have all come together as one. During this time, I have made it my top priority to keep in regular communication with everyone, and ask that you consider staying in touch, too!

We asked Residents to send us their stories and let us know how they’re doing, and are now reminding you that it’s not too late to participate! Everyone who will be published will receive a gift card that supports a local business (which is a great win-win!), and we plan to regularly publish stories that keep spirits up during this pandemic!

I’d like to know how you’re doing… how are you managing with all of this? How have you made it easier for yourself, and what’s been difficult? Do you have any advice for your fellow neighbours? Is there anything in our collective community that you’re grateful for, will miss, and/or look forward to once we come out the other side? What would you like to share with us and our staff/neighbours? Please consider Sharing Your Story with us! (+PRIZE) Let’s keep in touch! We may be alone in our apartments, but we don’t have to be lonely. Send us an email with your story, and we’ll publish a story every Tuesday and Thursday on our Emerald City One Blog, until this is over. As an extra bonus, all published participants will receive a gift card to a local business that also needs our help during this time (prizes will be distributed after the pandemic is over and businesses open up). Please email stories to (pictures welcome and encouraged! Length is totally up to you!): Thank you in advance to all participants for helping keep our community connected! I look forward to reading your stories, and to getting through this crisis as one community.

We've already published stories from Staff and myself, and will continue to do so (Staff and Directors are not eligible for prizes).

In the last package that I sent to Residents, I introduced our “Volunteering for the Vulnerable” Program, and was humbled by how many Residents immediately stepped up to offer their help to neighbours who need extra assistance during this difficult time. There’s no such thing as too many volunteers (especially with this situation growing graver by the hour); if you would like to help and have not yet indicated so to us, I am providing the information below:

Volunteering for Vulnerable Neighbours If you need help with anything (ex: shopping for essential items) and are unable to leave your home or you worry about exposing yourself to the virus due to existing medical issues, please get in touch with the Social Committee and we will do our best to help you. Please be honest and keep this service for only those who truly require the assistance of our volunteers. It would be detrimental to those for whom it was intended if we must cancel the program if it becomes abused by those who do not require the additional assistance. We have made it easy to apply for assistance or to volunteer for the “Vulnerable Neighbours Program”: The Vulnerable Neighbours Program is available via the following link: For future uses, the Program can be found directly by visiting, hovering over “Social”, and selecting “Vulnerable Residents Program”.

Stay healthy and safe, and reach out to let us know if there is anything we can assist you with!

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea, President

On behalf of the Board of Directors of

Emerald City One - TSCC 2368

P.S. You can email Property Management at any time (use or or the Directors ( Additional contact information is available via

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