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YOUR COMMUNITY: Your Assistance and Advice!

Dear Neighbours,

thank you to those who have been volunteering in our committees - we appreciate the ability to put our minds together in the interest of our Emerald Community! At this point, we are asking residents to volunteer within our community, and/or to provide feedback via the surveys.


There are currently three committees that are in need of volunteers, and we're sure at least one would be a perfect fit for you! In general, committees officially meet once a month for 2-3 hours, with the Board and/or Management as necessary, and conduct ongoing work as required. Please note that some committees are currently on pause (ex: Social Committee due to COVID-19 and Gardening due to it being seasonal); however, while they are on pause, we are still accepting volunteers that we can notify and rely on once needed. You will find a summary of each committee at the bottom of this post.

Furthermore, the Board is asking for volunteers interested in acting as Officers (non-voting positions) to reach out. Officers would be assisting the Board when appropriate, and would likely need to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per month.

To apply, please email the Board of Directors at, tell us which opportunity you'd be interested in, and why you'd be the perfect fit!


There are two surveys that we encourage all Owners to take: Resident Safety Feedback, and Elevator Bookings Feedback (updated).

The Resident Safety Feedback survey deals with issues such as:

  • Do you feel safe at Emerald City One?

  • Do you believe additional security measures are need, and if so, what should the budget be?

  • Do you think food deliveries should be restricted from going to the resident's door?

  • Do you think visitors should sign in at the security desk?

The Elevator Bookings Feedback survey deals whether elevator bookings should require a guard, and/or if the cost of the guard should be paid for by the resident using the elevator or by all Owners via maintenance fees.

All the best,

Andreea Birloncea,

Chair of the Communications Committee.

Communications Committee

Chaired by Andreea Birloncea.

This committee is in charge of keeping residents informed of ongoing building and community matters, using platforms that include (but are not limited to): the Blog on, social media, blast emails, and newsletters. Residents with strong language and computer skills would be ideal for this committee - but anyone who would like to participate is welcome to apply!

Maintenance Committee (coupled with the Landscaping & Gardening Committee)

Chaired by Steven Cao.

This Maintenance Committee is in charge of monitoring the property for any issues that require a little extra TLC - tender, love, and care! The committee members would inspect the property and prepare a monthly report to provide to Management. Residents with skills in engineering, construction, design, and trades would be ideal for this committee - but anyone who would like to participate is welcome to apply!

The Landscaping & Gardening Committee is in charge of the decorative landscaping in select areas of the property, as well as the urns at the front of the building. Residents who enjoy gardening, have a strong knowledge of different plants and their requirements, and have the time to assist with planting would be ideal for this committee - but anyone who would like to participate is welcome to apply!

Social Committee

Chaired by Ryan Moxam.

This committee is in charge of engaging residents to create a sense of community - which is especially necessary during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we're all facing now! Just because we're all physically apart doesn't mean we can't still feel together, and, eventually, we're sure we will be able to be together and celebrate overcoming such a challenging chapter in all our lives! The Social Committee would also liaison with the Communications Committee to ensure that relevant communications are published. Residents with strong planning and creative skills would be ideal for this committee - but anyone who would like to participate is welcome to apply!

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