The Emerald City Front Desk (Security) is a 24-hour service located in the main lobby ("G" level of Emerald City- Phase 1).


While security's primary scope is to keep the building secure, they also accept packages on behalf of registered residents*, provide parking permits**, and may point both residents and guests in the right direction should anyone have other requirements and/or concerns.


Alternately, you may also use the form below to email the Front Desk (Security).

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Please note that Front Desk (Security) staff is obligated to follow and enforce the rules of the building, and as such, do not have the authority to make exceptions. Please be mindful and respectful with staff.
*Security may only accept packages from regulated delivery services, and only on behalf of registered residents.
** Parking permits are limited to 3 permits per calendar week, and 10 permits per calendar month.
For more rules and policies, please visit the "Rules and Policies" page.