Useful Links

On this page, you will find documents and external resources for relevant community information.


The sources include:

  • Toronto Hydro,

  • Toronto Parking Enforcement,

  • Service Providers (cable, internet, phone),

  • Trades Professionals (plumber, electrician),

  • Local Non-Emergency Phone Numbers,

  • Fire Code.

Toronto Hydro:

To visit TORONTO HYDRO'S HOME PAGE, please follow the link below:


To SET UP AN ACCOUNT WITH TORONTO HYDRO, please follow the link below:

Toronto Parking Enforcement:

For infomation on DISPUTING A PARKING TICKET, please follow the link below:


To PAY ONLINE FOR A PARKING TICKET, please follow the link below:


Service Providers:

Currently, ROGERS and BELL are the major providers; contact Management for alternatives.


For ROGERS CABLE, HOME PHONE, & INTERNET, please follow the link below:


For BELL CABLE, HOME PHONE, & INTERNET, please follow the link below:

While each owner may use their own licensed and insured electrician and/or plumber, the Management Office can suggest some Trades. Please contact Management for more info.

Trades Professionals:
Local Non-Emergency Phone Numbers:

If you are in an emergency situation, always call 911. 

If you are seeking assistance for a non-emergency situations, please use the following numbers:


For THE TORONTO POLICE, call 416-808-2222.

For THE TORONTO FIRE FIGHTERS, call 416-338-9050.


Ontario Fire Code:

To read about the ONTARIO FIRE CODE, please follow the link below: