Vulnerable Neighbours Program

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The COVID-19 outbreak concerns us all, and we recognize that some of our neighbours have health risks and issues that area greatly impacted by the outbreak. For those who require extra assistance during this difficult time, our Emerald Staff and Social Committee Volunteers are ready to do our best and help!

Please do not risk your health by leaving your home to obtain essentials, we will do our best to shop for you (time and delivery are free of charge) or provide you with what you require. If you must go to a doctor's appointment, we will do our best to help you avoid public transportation.


Let us know how else we can help - we promise to do our best!

Note: please be honest and keep this volunteered service for only those who truly require it. It would be upsetting to see the good will of our staff and volunteers abused rather than used responsibly by those for whom it is intended.

Are you a vulnerable neighbour? ASK FOR HELP!

Are you willing to help? VOLUNTEER!

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"Vulnerable Neighbours Program".

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